Sanitation & Recycling Collection and Holiday Schedule



February 19th  - February 23rd
During weeks with Holidays, Trash/trash& recycling pick up will be delayed by one day after the holiday. These Holidays are New Years Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Victory Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.  
 Next Bulk pick up is scheduled for March 3rd. Deadline to schedule is Feb 27th. Please DO NOT put out any items on curb until 24 hours before the pickup date. Improper disposal of rubbish is subject to enforcement action.
(Reference: Town of West Warwick Ordinance Sect. 8-105)
For the convenience of the residents, two bulky pickups will be scheduled  for each month; the first and the third Saturdays. Residents are entitled to four FREE pickups per calendar year.
(Mattresses, box springs, large appliances and hot water heaters are considered WHITE GOODS and require a sticker purchase from the DPW for pickup. Construction debris and or large trash hauls will not be picked up and disposal is the responsibility of the contractor or resident.)
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Here is some great information for Holiday Recycling!:


 I love sharing this article from a few years ago written by Krystal Noiseux from The RIRRC. It has great advice on how you can recycle right this Holiday Season. Enjoy!

Some advice never goes out of style, so we are re-running tips first offered during last years holiday season. We tend to generate a lot of waste at this time of year, but luckily much of it can be recycled. in fact here are five holiday gift related items that can be easily recycled in your bin or cart at home.

WRAPPING PAPER : If it came from a tree (i.e. it's actually paper), it's eligible for recycling, even if it is colorful and shiny. BE careful though, Mylar foil wrap or cellophane are not from trees and aren't accepted for recycling. Neither of these folds easily the way paper does.

GIFT BAGS: Again, so as long as they are paper you can recycle them in your  bin or cart. If they have non-paper handles, such as those made from twine or rope, please rip or cut these off first. They tend to wrap around the equipment in the recycling facility. And remember, - gift bags are best when reused!

TISSUE PAPER: There was a time when this wasn't accepted for recycling but luckily now it is! Remember, only tissue paper for gift wrapping is accepted in the program. Tissues, napkins and paper towels don't belong in your recycling bin or cart.

CARDBOARD BOXES: Flatten these before you recycle them, but don't fret over a shipping label or a little tape- these can stay on. If your recycling collector still gets off the truck to empty your bin by hand check to see with your town to see if you need to cut the large boxes down. If automated recycling trucks lift and empty your cart you must secure all cardboard inside of it. ****

BLISTER PACKAGING: This often hard -to -open plastic packaging around many consumer products, is shaped like the item it holds and you either tear off cardboard backing or need scissors to cut it open. Either way, this plastic container as well as the cardboard backings, can be recycled in your bin or cart.

-Krystal Noiseux is the education and outreach manager for the Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation.

***( NOTE: All excess cardboard can be brought to the DPW and recycled in our cardboard dumpster for free!- Nicole Knott)