Tax Assessor

Welcome to the Tax Assessor's office. We are happy to make this information easily accessible through our web site. Please feel free to contact us by phone or email with any questions.

West Warwick Town Tax Rates

Single Family & Two-Family
Owner Occupied

Two-Family, Non-Owner Occupied
Three, Four, and Five Unit Properties

Six or More Unit Properties

Commercial & Industrial Properties



The Tax Assessor's Office is responsible for establishing and maintaining real and personal property values in the Town of West Warwick for ad valorem tax purposes. The department is responsible for updating ownership records and real estate title information. Motor vehicle tax information is provided annually by the State Department of Transportation. Real, personal and motor vehicle tax rolls are prepared each year. The Tax Assessor's office oversees the administration of all state and local tax exemption programs listed below

  Information for Town Data:  Now available at then go to databases.

This is not live data and ownership is updated four times a year.

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