The Sustainability Business Group is funded by an Energy Efficiency Conservation Block Grant through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.  The Town of West Warwick received $118,400 to perform the following tasks:

Street Light Study
This project will hire a contractor to identify which street lights in the Town of West Warwick can be retrofitted to higher-efficiency lights (e.g. LEDs) or shutoff with the greatest possible return in energy savings, with a minimum increase in public safety concerns.  National Grid will deactivate up to 5% of the total street lights per year and retrofit a maximum of 5% of lights per year at no charge.  This plan will allow the Town of West Warwick to identify how to proceed with energy saving measures implemented over the next ten years at no additional cost to the Town.  Administrative costs will cover the building inspector's time spent providing information and on-site work related to the lighting study.

Town Hall Retrofit
In cooperation with national Grid, the Town of West Warwick will use a portion of this grant to administer and implement a retrofit of the combined Town Hall, Police Headquarters, and Fire Headquarters.  A portion of these funds will be utilized for the purchase, design, and installation of a reverse energy ventilation system.  Administrative costs will cover the building inspector's time spent administering and overseeing the safe installation of energy retrofits, the reverse energy ventilation system, and the safe removal of old fixtures by Town employees.

Energy Efficiency Work Group
This group will be temporarily staffed by four graduate fellows and a coordinator to: 1) Devise financial incentives to promote energy efficiency among local businesses and residential units; 2) Assist local businesses in locating energy rebates for improved efficiency, including grant opportunities for "green" businesses/businesses seeking to adopt "green" practices; 3) Develop financial incentives, policies, and marketing tools to develop a "green" business cluster within our Town.  This project is to leverage efforts to orient our aging mill community around the growing "green" economy.