Recycling Division

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The Town of West Warwick participates in the Maximum Recycling Program supported by the Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation.The state of Rhode Island  mandates a 35% recycling rate for all municipalities. West Warwick currently recycles approximately 20-22%.We can definitely do better. Recycling to the Max has many benefits to be reaped by all. While saving the environment and extending the life of the Central Landfill are certainly good reasons to improve the Town's recycling program, there is another. It saves money. For every ton of waste that we truck to the Central Landfill, the Town is charged $32. However, all recyclable tonnage is accepted at NO CHARGE! Recycling to the MAX can help save the Town money in tipping costs and save taxpayers as well! GO GREEN and RECYCLE ALL YOU CAN!!

Click Here for Trash and Recycling pick up schedule.

MTG will provide curbside removal of recyclable materials to our residents in one, two, three and four-family dwellings

Questions regarding trash & recycling collection can be directed to MTG Disposal at 1-508-336-8466  or you may speak to the West Warwick DPW Coordinator @ 401-615-3106 



That cardboard has been treated with a chemical that prevents it from disintegrating when the cans "sweat." It is difficult for the paper mills to break down the cardboard with water when they try to recycle it. Therefore, put these boxes, as well as all cardboard packaging from refrigerated or frozen foods (ice cream boxes, microwave dinners) in the trash.

Any soiled or greasy cardboard is NOT accepted at the Municipal Recycling Facility. However  if they are not soaked with grease, as in most cases, then they will be recyclable. Sometimes the lid is clean and the bottom is greasy. Tear off the lid and recycle it, and toss the bottom in the trash.

Most larger supermarkets provide bins for returned plastic bags for recycling as part of the RE-STORE program. Plastic shopping bags also make great trash bags for small bathroom or kitchen waste cans. However they cannot be recycled in your  recycling bin but must be thrown away in your trash bin. Whether you throw away your plastic shopping bags or bring them to a store for recycling, tie a knot in them so the bag won't fill up with air, float through the sky, and litter treetops, roads, and backyards. Please do not use your plastic bags to put your recycling in, such as newspaper or bottles and cans. All recycling materials can be freely placed in your blue recycling bin.

Was it broken down to fit inside the recycling container?  Recycling trucks are not "packers" and cannot crush the material inside. Therefore, you must flatten cardboard boxes place inside the collection container. Since cardboard is a mandatory recyclable, the trash packer won't collect it.  Also broken down boxes take less volume in your recycling bin. 
*DROP OFF SERVICE IS AVAILABLE AT WEST WARWICK DPW *  We now have a dumpster located in back of the town garage designated for cardboard only.  Residents can drop off their cardboard during normal business hours, Monday through Friday from 7:30am until 2:30pm. For any information call 822-9226. Please stop in the office first!  

No, and don't put it into the trash either. The tank may seem empty but will have trace propane in it, and it may explode and injure people when it is handled by trash-processing machinery. These tanks are classified as household hazardous waste and need to be disposed of properly.  Empty tanks may be dropped off at the DPW for proper recycling.

An additional  95-gallon container can be obtained at the Department of Public Works for $75.00 each. Check or cash is accepted.  The Department of Public Works is located at 10 Junior Street
(behind Horgan School). The hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM .Call 822-9226 for additional information.


No. Shredded paper is no longer allowed in the recycling stream. We ask that all shredded paper still be double bagged and dropped off in the cardboard dumpster at the DPW. Regularly scheduled shredding events will be held throughout the year at RIRRC. See the events page at Absolutely NO PLASTIC BAGS of any kind should be in the recycling bin.


Look at what can be recycled at the DPW!!:  

  • White Goods (Refer to Highway Division)
  • Yard Waste (Refer to Highway Division)
  • Cardboard - is a great resource and can be dropped off free at the DPW instead of being thrown into the landfill.
  • Hard Plastics-  Plastic buckets, crates, laundry baskets, plastic patio furniture, plastic shelving can be dropped off free at DPW and recycled instead of filling the landfill.
  • Scrap metal- Drop off free at DPW for recycling or call 822-9226 to schedule a pick up.

  • Tire Disposal:  Both tires and rims can be dropped off for no cost at the DPW.  Please call the Public Works Department at 822-9226.

  • Oil Disposal: Used motor oil can be dropped off at the Town garage located at 10 Junior Street. You must stop at the office and fill out a certification form and then you will be directed to the oil "igloo" for disposal.
  • Paint-  household paint-drop off for free in our paint pod.
  • Electronics-  ALL ELECTRONICS including TV's and computers: drop off for free in the electronics pod. Please refer to the Recycling Electronics page for a list of accepted materials.


Cleaning house? Here is a list of locations where you can recycle your items for a great cause rather than throwing them out as trash directly into the landfill:

-The Salvation Army: Accepts gently used items such as clothing, furniture, working appliances, accessories and toys. The Salvation Army also collects all clean textiles. If you have old rags, sheets, blankets, and clothing that is not usable or wearable, The Salvation Army will recycle those textiles.

-Big Brothers Big Sisters Donation Center: You can support the mentoring programs in RI simply by passing along gently used clothing, shoes, and a variety of small household items that you no longer need. Donated items are resold to the retail thrift store SAVERS to generate funding for the mentoring programs. They offer free home pickups, and drop off centers . A tax receipt will be provided for you. Please call 401-921-2434 for more information.

-West Warwick Library: Have you just finished a good book or have a wonderful collection you don't need anymore? Donate your books to the West Warwick Public Library. They do accept both soft and hard covered books however they  must be in great condition please. (If your books are moldy or ruined, they can be recycled in your recycling bin. Just tear off any hard covers and throw that into your trash first, and the rest of the book can be fully recycled.) DVD and CD's can also be donated to the library allowing others to take advantage of great entertainment for free!! 

-Goodwill Industries of Rhode Island: Goodwill provides great charitable work for people with disabilities and other barriers to employment. They do accept many items for sale and recycling including electronics ,computer  equipment, small household appliances, clothing, accessories (belts, shoes etc.) textiles (bedding, blankets), and small toys. Items must be dry and odor free. For more information contact 401-861-2080 or visit their webpage at 


 Information for Misc. items:

Holiday Wrapping Paper and Gift Boxes: In order to make it convenient to recycle this material, you may place your Holiday wrapping paper folded flat and placed into your recycling bin. Gift boxes and small cardboard boxes can also be broken down for your recycling bin.. So when you are sitting by the tree unwrapping gifts, instead of filling a plastic bag with the excess wrapping paper fold it up flat  to put in your recycling bin.  Please do not use yard waste bags for your Christmas paper. Large cardboard boxes that do not fit into your bin can be  dropped off in the cardboard dumpster at the  Dept. of Public Works on 10 Junior Street.

  • Christmas Tree Collection: Christmas tree collection will start the first week of the new year and will continue until the end of January. They must be placed curbside no later than 7:00 AM. Please remove all artificial decorations such as tinsel, garland, plastic ornaments, lights, and bulbs. Please do not put trees in plastic bags, and please no artificial trees.
  • Paper Shredding: Here are a few vendors to contact for shredding: Shred 'n' Go 401-943-0522, Shred Fast 401-490-0708, Shred-it Providence 401-383-8866
  • Styrofoam "Peanuts":  please call ahead: Pak Mail, 70 Frenchtown Rd, N.Kingstown, 401-885-6245  The UPS Store #0432, 400 Putnam Pike, St J, Smithfield Commons, 401-231-0320
  • Household Hazardous Waste Disposal: Hazardous waste will not be picked up as part of your curbside collection. Residents must contact Eco-Depot at the Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation at 942-1430, ext. 241 to schedule an appointment for waste disposal. Please see the "How to dispose of Hazardous Waste " page.  For more information, visit RIRRC's website

If you have any questions regarding the items above in the Town of West Warwick, please contact the Department of Public Works at 822-9226. For recycling questions Ordinances, Chapter 8, Article IV., Section 8-50 through 8-69.