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PLEASE PLACE YOUR BINS AT THE CURB WITH THE HINGE FACING YOUR PROPERTY.  A MINIMUM OF 24 INCHES BETWEEN EACH BIN IS NECESSARY FOR PICK UP. Do not overfill your bin or place trash on top of your lid. Your trash and or recycling will not be picked up if the collector feels debris will fall out onto the road due to an overstuffed bin and lid not being closed. It is also important that regulations for recycling be followed. Your recycling will not be picked up if the collector sees that the recycling bin is contaminated with trash items. Please refer to the recycling page for recycling details or call the Solid Waste/Recycling Coordinator with any questions.


PLEASE REMEMBER, TRASH IS COLLECTED WEEKLY.  RECYCLING WILL BE COLLECTED EVERY OTHER WEEK BEGINNING ON NOVEMBER 2, 2015. Please refer to the Sanitation & Recycling Collection and Holiday Schedule page for detailed information.


  •  On Wakefield,  west of Hoover,  trash & recycling will be collected on Thursdays. 
  • On Wakefield,  east of Hoover,  trash & recycling will be collected on Fridays.



 Yard Waste Schedule                                   

Residents will have their yard waste collected twice a month.  The collection will always be on a Monday - Friday of that week.(with the exception of Holidays). 

If your trash collection is on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, your yard waste collection will start on the 1st and 3rd Monday of every month.

If your trash collection is on a Thursday or a Friday, your yard waste collection will start on the 2nd and 4th Monday of every month.

Mark your calendar(s) to avoid confusion and missing pickup dates!!   




Yard waste consists of grass clippings, leaves and small branches. Branches over 3 ft. must be bundled and tied in order for pickup. Brown bags or barrels containing yard waste cannot exceed 35 gallons. Any waste consisting of loom, dirt, mulch, sand, rocks, and or garbage will NOT be picked up as it contaminates the load and exceeds the permitted weight for a DPW worker.   

Yard  Waste pickups will continue into the season until the first snowfall.