Fire Prevention Bureau Plan Review

The plan review application is acceptable only with three sets of plans. The applicant may call for the status of plans approximately 15 working days from date of submittal. (RI State Fire Code 23-28.1-6).

The Town of West Warwick route slip will bring you to the West Warwick Fire Prevention Bureau and Fire Alarm Division to submit site plans and architectural plans for review. It is to your benefit and expediency on our part to have the following requirements met from the onset:

  1. Construction documents shall include all of the fire protection and life safety requirements.
    It is strongly recommended that you use the expertise of a licensed architect or engineer in the designing and planning of your building.

  2. The architectural drawings shall be correct and in compliance with the applicable codes and standards.

    Any commercial construction, renovation, alteration, etc. greater than $10,000 in scope shall require plans stamped by a licensed architect or engineer.

  3. Please submit three full sets of plans. Four sets of plans are required if your building and occupancy is, or will be, licensed by the State of Rhode Island, such as a daycare or healthcare facility.

  4. Plan Review Fee: A check made payable to the Town of West Warwick must be paid at the time of plan submittal to the West Warwick Fire Prevention Bureau. Under no circumstances will plans be accepted for review until this fee is paid. The amount is based on a fee schedule derived from the cost of construction minus electrical, plumbing and mechanical costs.

    Fire alarm is a separate division of the West Warwick Fire Department and does its own plan review of the fire alarm system. Fire Alarm Code is from RI Fire Laws and Rules Code Book, not the more recently adopted code.