Building and Zoning


The Town Council passed an ordinance that excludes a delinquent taxpayer from conducting business with the Town. If you, the property the permit is for, or the property owner, owes taxes to the Town a permit cannot be obtained until the Tax Collector authorizes the issuing of the permit. 


Building and Zoning 

The Building Department provides citizens, businesses, and residents with information on code requirements and permits needed for building or remolding as well as costs and procedure for obtaining permits and inspections.  The building department is responsible for the reviewing of plans, issuing permits and inspecting construction activity. 

The Building Department must be in compliance with and enforce the building, electric, heating, and plumbing codes according to the Town of West Warwick Code of Ordinances, the provisions of the State of Rhode Island Codes, and National and International Codes.  

Building permit fees   

If working without a permit, a $250 fine will be issued.


Zoning Administration

The Building Official acting as the Zoning Enforcement Officer is responsible for the enforcement of the Town of West Warwick Zoning Ordinance 1994 as amended through the plan review process. All applications for zoning code variances, special use permits and exceptions must be obtained from this office and filed with the Town Clerk. Any questions concerning zone, area, use, setback, parking, signs, conforming/non-conforming, or any other issues concerning zoning should be directed to this office.

Please Note:
The zoning ordinances are amended from time to time so please make sure you check to ensure that you have the most current book before making your decisions.


Zoning Board Rules of Procedure

Zoning Application Packet 

(Zoning Application Packet encompasses Application for variance & special exception permit)


Minimum Housing

The Minimum Housing Inspector is responsible for the enforcement of minimum standards governing the condition and maintenance of properties. Public health, safety, and welfare are paramount. The scope is to ensure that maintenance and safe and sanitary conditions are maintained. Our goal is to alleviate urban blight, decay, and substandard housing stock.

Resident Agent registration for out-of-state landlords

The owner of any dwelling, dwelling unit, rooming unit or structure who is a nonresident of the state of Rhode Island shall have and continuously maintain with the city or town clerk where the property is located a registered agent, which agent may be either an individual who resides in this state or corporation authorized to do business in this state.
You must register both with the state AND with the Town if you own rental property in West Warwick and live outside Rhode Island. There is no fee to register but if you fail to do so you may be fined up to $1200.
Mold Many residents complain about mold in their homes. No recognized federal, state, or local health agency has created a standard for acceptable and unacceptable levels of mold inside a building.  Consistent mold growth can be indicative of moisture issues resulting from plumbing or other leaks in the home.  Inspectors address any active sources of moisture (roof and plumbing leaks, bathroom and laundry humidity, and venting problems), but can only address the presence of mold as a general sanitation issue.  It is up to residents to clean up existing mold colonies or negotiate with property owners over their removal. The RI Department of Health provides education on mold and supplies this informational pamphlet. Testing for the presence of mold is not recommended by the Health Department.