Fire Department

The West Warwick Fire Department currently operates from four stations located throughout the town and employs 73 full-time employees who man 4 engines, 1 ladder, 2 rescues and 1 special hazards unit. Public safety and protection of property is of prime importance to the department.

 A four-platoon system is used. Each platoon must have a minimum of 14 firefighters, supervised by a Battalion Chief, on duty at all times.

Station 1 located at 1176 Main Street is the department's headquarters. All business and emergency calls are received and dispatched from this location by the department's dispatcher. The following offices are located at headquarters

  • Fire Chief
  • Department Secretary
  • Fire Marshal
  • Director of Communications
  • Fire Prevention / Communications Clerk

The following emergency vehicles operate from Station 1:

  • Car 3 with a Battalion Chief who is the officer in charge
  • Engine 1 with a Captain and a Private
  • Rescue 1 with two Privates who are EMT-C certified

Station 2 is located at 834 Main Street. Engine 2 and Rescue 2 are operated from this station by 1 Lieutenant and 3 Privates who are also EMT-C certified.

Station 3 is located at 683 Providence Street from where Engine 3 operates with a Lieutenant and a Private.

Station 4 is located at 106 Cowesett Avenue. Ladder 1 is operated from here with a Lieutenant and 1 Private. A Lieutenant and a Private also operate Engine 4 from here.

The department also operates a special hazards unit that would be used when the jaws of life are needed, for extra lighting, for hazardous spills, and for many other extreme emergencies.