Welcome to the office of the Town Planner 

The office of the Town Planner maintains and updates information used to project future land development and population trends in the community. To serve the needs of West Warwick residents by providing planned, responsible and orderly growth and development of the town. The regulatory processes associated with land development and land subdivision originate with the Town Planner. The Town Planner coordinates the procedures that applicants for development must follow in order to gain approval for their projects. 

The Town Planner serves as staff to the West Warwick Planning Board. The Planning Board is empowered to update the Comprehensive Plan, develop the annual capital budget, process land development and subdivision proposals and advise the Zoning Board of Review in reaching decisions on zoning issues. The Town Planner serves as staff to the West Warwick Development Commission. The Development Commission provides guidance and formulates policy toward a diversified tax base and healthy business climate in the community. This office maintains and updates a business referral service which directs potential commercial enterprises to appropriate properties and facilities, while making potential businesses aware of tax and other financial incentives.

Town of West Warwick Land Development and Subdivision Review Regulation Amendments

Periodically, land regulatory ordinances are amended based on current issues and priorities raised by the Town Council, Planning Board and Town Manager. These amendment processes are coordinated by the Town Planner. The most recent and visible issues have been expanding commercially developable land for our Business Park, adding open and recreational space to the community and re-evaluating the Town's land use classifications in consideration of fiscal capabilities and maintenance of natural resources.

Publications available for reference from the Town Planner include the Zoning Ordinance, Subdivision and Land Development regulations and U.S. Department of the Census data.

Under the broad heading of "miscellaneous activities" comes a host of support and advisory tasks. Planning staff prepare grant applications for independent studies and projects which implement the goals and objectives of the Comprehensive Plan. Staff coordinates various community development initiatives by focusing on neighborhood issues, consulting with residents and formulating strategies to improve services at the neighborhood level. Staff works with various levels of state and federal government to provide support and resources in addressing local problems.


Economic Development


Comprehensive Plan Update and Material

The Town of West Warwick is updating its 2019 Comprehensive Plan as required by State law (RIGL 45-22.2). The purpose of a comprehensive plan is to guide the Town’s decision-making process over the next twenty years and ensure that those decisions support the community’s vision for the future.

The Town Planner is guiding this process and hired a professional consultant team to assist with the update of the comprehensive plan.

As part of this process, the Town created an eight-member steering committee of Town residents and Town officials.  The consultant team, working in conjunction with the Town Planner and the committee, will seek significant and varied input from the community to better understand the issues and opportunities in the Town of West Warwick and to help shape recommendations that can be implemented by the Town.


2019 Comprehensive Plan


2005 Comprehensive Plan

The West Warwick Comprehensive Plan is currently being updated, until the update is complete, please refer to the 2005 version.  Please click on the Introduction to Comp Plan link to view Chapters 1-10.